Stepan Chemicals for Textile Softners which are Based on TEA Ester Quat (Brand - Stepantex) and Tallow Quat (Brand – Accosoft).

In addition to this the Esterquat based softeners are Biodegradable and hence, more Environment friendly. They are also non-yellowing and give better Rewetting and Static Control.

Textile Softeners

Before World War II, Soap met all laundry needs. After World War II, Synthetic detergents replaced soaps.

Synthetic detergents leave no soap residue on clothes therefore clothes feel harsh and a need for fabric softeners was realized.

• Fragrances deposition and longevity
• Environmentally friendly
• Dermatological Tested & Hypoallergenic
• Economy

Textile Cleaning Additives

Stepan pairs our extensive HI&I portfolio and industry know-how to deliver the tailored solutions you’re looking for. We are committed to identifying and responding to key market trends and the ever-changing regulatory landscape that impacts your business. Stepan appreciates that each customer has unique requirements and therefore, you can rely on our expertise to help personalize a solution.

Textile Phosphate esters & Wetting Agent


MERPOL HCS is an effective nonionic wetting agent and emulsifier with a cloud point >100°C so it is effective. when many other surfactants are not. Dilution in warm water (60°C) will prevent gel formation. Textile scouring agent: 1-3% to remove finish oils, sizing agents including starch, PVA and PAA. Also used as a dye leveling agent for cotton, wool and synthetics.

  • Surface wetting
  • Excellent lubrication
  • Emulsification
  • Dispersant
  • Solubilization ( hydrotopes)
  • Anti static ( Dust attraction/ Anti back staining)
  • Corrosion inhibition