Evonik is on its way to becoming the world’s best specialty chemicals company. Today, we already play a leading role in our markets as well as in driving our industry's development.
Leading Beyond Chemistry means embracing a contemporary interpretation of leadership and working together to push beyond our industry’s boundaries. In doing so, we make our customers’ products more sustainable, more effective and more efficient. It’s our way of making the world a little better every day.

We are among the most dignified trader, supplier and importer of Silane and Metacrylates chemicals. Ess Emm Chemicals has also tied up with Evonik Degussa for importing and distributing Super Absorbent Polymers in India.

The product portfolio of Silane and Metacrylates acts as cross-linking / dispersing / bonding agents / adhesion promoter for pigments , fillers, resins, cables, abrasives, polymers, minerals, solar and many more . It also acts as processing and performance additives for improvement of mechanical properties and surface characteristics.


The performance benefits generated by silanes are numerous:

  • Improved dispersion
  • Reduced water-take up through hydrophobization
  • Excellent surface characteristics
  • Increased process productivity
  • Reduced expansion
  • Improved mechanical strength
  • Decreased water vapor transmission
  • Controlled rheological properties
  • Higher Filler Loading, Adhesion

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As the forerunner in methacrylate chemistry, pioneer Dr. Otto Röhm’s 1901 dissertation “Polymerization Products of Acrylic Acid” was the beginning of a long standing tradition in innovation for Evonik. Since then, the Business Unit Performance

Polymers have grown to become the complete global source for innovative solutions in methacrylate monomers, some of the most versatile building blocks of macromolecular chemistry.

Product Portfolio of Visiomer Mythacrylates are Automotive Coatings, Resin Modification, Concrete Additives, Rubber Modification, Leather Coatings, Papers and other applications.

Super Absorbent Polymer

Stockosorb® is a highly cross-linked and water insoluble superabsorbent polymer (sap) specially designed for water absorption and water retention in soils located in regions subject to drought. Upon contact with water, these synthetic crystals swell quickly, creating a sap-hydrogel by absorbing and retaining a big volume of water and soluble plant nutrients dissolved in it, which will be released to the plant during the soil drying process.

A wide range of trials has been undertaken word-wide in order to prove and demonstrate the benefits of stockosorb® application for plant germination and growth, crop yield and quality, transplanted seedling survival and development as well as for water and fertilizer use efficiency in food, fruit and wood production. Superabsorbent polymers are more and more also used in many other technical field like e. g. The cable industry, food industry and the green industry including agriculture, horticulture, landscaping and forestry activities.

Silicone Surfactants

BREAK-THRU S240 Toxicologically benign Spreader (tank-mix adjuvant). Combination of two different silicone chemistries and thus combinations of two different mode of actions (spreader/penetrant).